Create Magic With the Super Sexy Stripper Shoes

No one can ever forget the image of Marilyn Monroe with her white skirt blown up by wind from a subway grating in the movie, The Seven Year Itch. One of the main reasons that brought so much sex appeal of this scene, which makes it remembered even after five decades is undoubtedly her sexy shoes. Though the strippers are all the way alluring in their look, it is only the right pair of shoes that make them bewitchingly beautiful. A stripper act is all about seduction and a pair of sexy shoes would aid you do just that. Strippers or women in the show business would certainly prefer shoes with a sexy twist.

For such women, all your intimate needs, displays a wide variety of sexy stripper shoes with a twist, which are simply stunning. From high heels shoes and light up shoes to platform shoes with a hidden treasure chest and tip jar shoes, you can pick a pair that perfectly accentuates your style and your body. High heel shoes are an integral part of a stripper’s costume. Be it a fantasy act or a story being unveiled, a pair of sexy shoes should help you dance your way to glory. The Treasure Chest Exotic Sexy Stripper Shoes with white ankle strap or clear two band straps are some of the options if you’re donning a naughty nurse character.

Great pair of shoes, such as the 7 Inch Women’s Sexy High Heel Dancer Sexy Stripper Shoes will capture the attention you want. The sparkling club shoes with multicolor light will ensure that your audience wouldn’t miss a thing. So, to make your act magical shop for with the right kind of sexy stripper shoes and flaunt your looks like never before.

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Steal the Show With the Sexy Slingback Shoes!

Gone are the days when sexy slingback shoes were meant only for summer and were considered simply casual. Now, with the slingback getting a sexy makeover, you can flaunt your favorite pair of sexy slingback shoes no matter what the occasion. So, to create a fashion trend this season and get noted as a fashion icon, compliment your looks with the hottest trends in women’s high heel shoes

High heel shoes in general make your legs look attractively long and slim and hence are a fine option to add that extra oomph factor to your outfit. The sexy slingback shoes are the best option, if you’re looking for something not too loud yet strikingly stylish.

To be the most sought after name in the fashion circuit, pointed high heel slingback shoes are a must in your wardrobe. For a classic look go in for the 4 1/2 Inch 4 1/2 Inch Sexy Black Classic Pump Shoe Slingback Pump with Double Bow. To add a little spice to your otherwise casual attire, the trendy Five Inch Sexy Peep Toe Slingback Sandal with side dip would do the trick.

Add some dazzle to the night with the black satin 4 Inch Hot Prom Sling Back Sandal Shoes with stiletto heels or the ENCHANT-11 sexy shoes collection that comes with glittering rhinestones arranged in a mind-blowing fashion. You even have the option to choose from three chic colors, including black, gold, and silver.

So, Hurry! Get your hands on the gorgeous collection of high heel slingback shoes

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Why Hot and Sexy Women Love Closet Metrosexuals

What you are about to read may shock you. I’ve got a confession to make. I, like most other hot women, am attracted to men that spend a significant amount of time and money dedicated to their appearance.

Once men accept that hot women are attracted to metrosexuals, how do they pull off the ‘look’ without appearing too over the top?

We all know that celebrity chick magnets don’t wake up looking like a million bucks. It takes time and effort to pull off that look and even more effort to make it seem effortless!
This article is for average men who want to uncover the secrets of how to attract ultra hot and exceptional looking women.

Secret #1 — Become Aware of the Way You Look

If you ask any hot woman, she knows right away what her best features are. She can also tell you which you aren’t going to get to see until you REALLY like her. We play up our best features and make sure that your total focus is on them. You want to emulate this strategy.

I want you to stand in a full length mirror. Then ask yourself, what are your best features and which should you play down. For example, if you have buff arms and thin legs make note of that. If your eyes are complemented often, but you haven’t worked out in years and it shows, make note of that.

Once you’ve fully assessed yourself, run your observations by someone else. This should be someone that you know will tell you the absolute truth.
Believe it or not, this simple task will get you well on your way to metrosexual chick magnet thinking.

Secret #2 — Dress to Impress

If up until today, you prided yourself on thinking that shopping is for women – it’s time to change your tune! I want you to start thinking that shopping is for men who have style and get chicks! I know you’ve seen pictures of Brad Pitt (the ultimate chick magnet and metrosexual) with shopping bags in his hands!

Now that you are aware of what your best attributes are, it’s time to play them up. For example, I know that I have phenomenal legs but at 5’4 they’re shorter than I would like. If I wear high heels and short skirts, men notice how great my legs are without thinking that they’re short.

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